Link Exchange

"It’s like Google AdSense for Token-based Communities"

We enable community-owned attention exchange networks for every ERC20 token.

01. Exchange

How Everyone Benefits with Tokens


Display sponsored links on your website in exchange for Ether or any ERC20 token without middlemen.

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Target your message to the community of token holders by sponsoring it with the token they own.

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Token Holders

Support sponsors that use your token to get your attention. How will you respond to „advertising” from the advertising network you own?

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02. Network

How It Works?

Embed widget

A publisher embeds a widget on a website they control and specifies an Ethereum address they’d like to use for payments and links.

Send & Accept Links

Sponsors use a special proxy contract to send text links along with token transfer.

Display links to token holders

The LinkExchange infrastructure displays the links using the ranking algorithm chosen by the publisher. Link whitelisting option is available to prevent spam.

04. Model

Pay Per Probability

How Much Would You Pay For Future Impressions?

Every link sent to a Userfeeds address is assigned with a probability score depending on the algorithm chosen by a publisher.


Price per boost




Decrease Icon Increase Icon

Depending on the expected traffic, widget’s expiration date and publisher’s reputation, sponsors can adjust probability score of their links by sending tokens to the widget.