Perfectly aligned interests


Embed a widget on your website that displays token sponsored links to your visitors

Slots Limit

Make it competetive for your advertisers.

Spam - free

You have full control over what’s being displayed.

ERC20 Token

Choose the existing token to attract the community... or create your own token.

Ranking algorithm

Latest? Top? Highest paid? Choose suitable algorithm.

New audience

Attract native users of web 3.0


Align your interests with your audience of token holders

Support your network

Everything stays within a token

See what's popular

Know token holders


How would you respond to advertising coming from the network you own?

Full transparency

See what’s „behind the banner”

Skin in the game

Be sure what you’re seeing aligns with your incentives.

Do you own a crypto-related channel?

for example:

Start accepting token sponsored links.

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