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Set Up Your Own Widget and Start Accepting Tokens

in around five minutes

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Create Your Widget

Title of the widget

Displayed on the widget itself, for identification purposes.

Valid till

Termination block of your widget after which users can't interact with it


Purpose of your widget along with explanation

Impressions amount

Declare the amount of impressions of your website

Contact method

Allow people to contact yourself


Currently we offer two sizes: 300x250px and 728x60px


The algorithm can contain arbitrary ranking rules and its output is the ranking of the links. It could vary from the amount of tokens to holding time of these particular tokens.


That’s the address specified by you, it will receive funds and messages. Don’t know how to create your address? Please drop us a line and we’ll guide you.


We are currently accepting only one type of medium: text. We are working at this very moment on videos and images.


You can accept any ERC20 token on Mainnet, Ropsten and Kovan. We are working on other chains.


That’s the address for your whitelist. It’s not required, however recommened, as you can curate your links and prevent spam.


Embed Code In Your Website

That’s simple HTML you are used to, just include it in particular section of the website and you’re ready to go.


Accept or Reject links

If your whitelist is enabled you can curate your links. It’s as easy as clicking a button.