00. Sponsors

Align Your Interests With Your Audience Of Token Holders

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01. First step


Find publishers with token-enabled widgets. Make sure the publisher attracts the token holders you want to reach.


Know where and how

Full control over content


See how the links performs

Know other sponsors

The list of token-enabled publishers is coming soon..

02. Second step

Submit Your Link

To avoid spam, the publisher has to whitelist your link before it becomes visible in that widget. After whitelisting you (or anyone else) can boost visibility of your link with their tokens.


Align your incentive

Token targeted ads


Attract your user

Let them be actively involved

03. Third step

Monitor Performance of Your Links

In the widget details view, you can monitor all links competing for attention in the widget. You can always increase you share of impressions by boosting the link with more tokens.


Full transparency

Everyone has access to the transaction data


Real time updates

Link rankings are updated per block