00. Token holders

How Would You Respond to Advertising Coming From the Network You Own?

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01. First step

Pay Attention to Publishers and Sponsors Who Support Your Network

Every time you pay attention to sponsored links bought with your token you increase the value of the network. The blockchain provides you with full transparency so you always know who’s behind the sponsored link.


Full transparency

See what’s „behind the banner”


Skin in the game

Always Know Who’s Bidding For Your Attention

The list of token-enabled publishers is coming soon..

02. Second step

Check Out What’s Happening „Behind The Banner”

You have full access to the data about sponsors, links and money spent on attention in a given widget. It’s available to everyone and persistently stored on the blockchain.


Discover New Links

You can always dig deeper and see full list of links bidding forattention in the widget.


Become a Sponsor Yourself

Have your own link you want to promote? Just add it to the widget and pay.